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Doctor taking blood pressure of older patient

After several attempts to receive chiropractic services from outside of the VA, my primary care suggested looking into the Patriot Project and Dr. Sarah at Living Well.

Dr. Sarah's attentiveness to treat injuries from a holistic perspective, by addressing both symptom and root of the ailment, had allowed pain to subside and healing to occur quicker than I had expected.

With as many patients as there are in a week, she made every attempt to fit myself and other veterans into her schedule to provide levels of care that are life changing.

Jon T.

Lauren C.

I came to Dr. Sarah during my second pregnancy when I began experiencing sacrum and S.I. joint pain from pelvic instability. I quickly saw she has an incredible sense for how the body works and an intuitive, thoughtful approach.

I couldn’t have managed post-partum without adjustments from Dr. Sarah. I was in a lot of pain and her adjustments provided immediate and great pain relief. I could barely walk through the grocery store and now I am able to take my two children with me without discomfort! I am so grateful to Dr. Sarah and I highly recommend her!

Joe R.

When I injured my lower back, I went to see Dr. Sarah Paquette for treatment. Dr. Paquette met me with a very enthusiastic and reassuring treatment regimen to get me back to feeling and functioning better than I had before my injury. She treated me once or twice a week for about two and a half months. During that time she suggested a short massage before each appointment to loosen up my lower back to get the most beneficial results. After that time, my back pain and stiffness were gone!

Dr. Paquette was very thorough, kind, up-front and honest throughout my treatment and recovery. I feel great after her treatments, as I am able to go back to skiing and running without discomfort. I am very satisfied with how I was treated by Dr. Paquette and highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of chiropractic services.

Meghan T.

After my daughter's pediatrician recommended a surgical procedure to insert tubes in her ears as a result of multiple ear infections, my husband and I sought a second opinion.  We were referred to Dr. Sarah Paquette and her team for a less invasive approach to managing and preventing ear infections. I am so grateful for the care we received and can happily report that she has made it to 3 years old without requiring the surgery and with a dramatic reduction in ear infections!  Now expecting our second baby, I have switched my prenatal chiropractic care to Dr. Sarah as well. I would highly recommend her pediatric and prenatal care!

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