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Knowledge is power. 

One of the best parts of our job is educating our patients so that they understand what they're experiencing, why we're treating it, and what they can do on their own or when they consult other providers. On this page you'll find some info we've pulled together to share with you - stay tuned & let us know if you have specific questions we can answer!

Local Resources We Love

The team at Wayfinder Wellness PT is incredibly skilled and knowledgable, as well as being full of heart and humor. 

We love Vermont Naturopathic Clinic for Primary Care and specialist needs.

For clinical nutrition, there's no one we like more than Alternative Roots Wellness.

Videos & Info From Dr. Sarah

Neck and Chin

Understand the anatomy that causes pain, and how you can treat it at home.

Chemistry Class

As a general rule, kids shouldn't be in pain apart from the occasional bump or bruise - when pain and stress linger, they need our help.

A handful of videos with information and tips for some of our most commonly asked questions. Have a question you want answered? Always looking for that perfect stretch? Let us know!


Take a full body stretch break anywhere in just 30 seconds!

Fish Bowl

Make a fun tracker with your kiddos kids stay hydrated.

Hotel's Desk

Is your work station working for you? What makes something ergonomic? And what's a workstation nightmare?

Sculpture with Face Mask

A tongue-in-cheek video made for fun during lockdown...

Lectures & Talks By Dr. Sarah 

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