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Health is a journey - here's what some of our patients have said about their path.

Since Compass Chiropractic & Performance Center opened, our patients have depended on us to provide this valuable service. As a pillar of the medical options we offer, this service is comprehensive, fully personalized and administered by our team members who specialize in this type of care. To learn more or ask questions, simply reach out.

After several attempts to receive chiropractic services from outside of the VA, my primary care suggested looking into the Patriot Project and Dr. Sarah.

Dr. Sarah's attentiveness to treat injuries from a holistic perspective, by addressing both symptom and root of the ailment, had allowed pain to subside and healing to occur quicker than I had expected.

With as many patients as there are in a week, she made every attempt to fit myself and other veterans into her schedule to provide levels of care that are life changing.

Jon T. 

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